It is an initiative that offers a space for the participation of companies in order to jointly develop environmental conservation actions under the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The projects have been developed in various parts of the country, such as the Panama Canal Watershed (CHCP), the Santa María river basin (Veraguas, Coclé and Herrera provinces) and the La Villa river basin (Herrera and Herrera provinces). The Saints).

With Green Coalitions, companies have the opportunity to join the field work with community-based organizations that have carried out successful actions with Fundación Natura. The projects have as a fundamental purpose the protection of water sources in water network channels, in water intakes that fulfill the function of supplying the supply systems of the rural aqueducts of the place where they are located, among others. The components of each project obey a technical planning carried out jointly with the local beneficiaries, responding to socio-environmental needs that arise in the communities.

Voluntary days are incorporated into the program, where company employees contribute their time and learn through practice various activities related to the protection of natural resources (establishment of nurseries, establishment of native trees, plots with coffee, etc. .) The initiatives of this program contribute as mitigation and adaptation measures to the effects of climate change and are added to the results obtained from the projects supported with the funds administered by the Fundación Natura during its years of work in favor of the Natural Heritage of our country