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Social cohesion

Two grassroots community organizations from Montijo generate an ecotourism production chain as an economic and sustainable alternative

Funded by:
European Union – Social Cohesion
Executing Entity:
nature foundation

Total amount:
Contribution from the EU/COHESAL Fund:
Matching Contribution:
B/. 22,440.00

Start date:
August 2014
Finish date:
November 6, 2015

General objective:
Contribute to the sustainable development of local populations through the promotion of two grassroots community organizations through productive models based on sustainable ecotourism in the District of Montijo.

Promote the capacities of grassroots community organizations in the District of Montijo, AVICENNIA and ASATMO. Promote the productive chain of ecotourism as an innovative and sustainable economic alternative, which favors the consolidation of links and promotes local development.

Work area: