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Coffee marketing model

Coffee marketing model

Establishment of a coffee marketing model in the Panama Canal Basin Coffee marketing model

Funded by:
Andean Development Corporation (CAF Fund).

Executing Entity:
nature foundation

Total amount:
B/. 168,000.00
CAF contribution:
B/. 65,500.00
Matching contribution:
B/. 102,500.00

Start date:
January 30, 2015
Finish date:
January 30, 2017

General objective:
Strengthening the technical and organizational capacity of the association of coffee growers of Cirí Grande and Trinidad, and improving the added value of coffee.

Specific objectives:

Improve the added value of coffee production, to offer a quality product and increase the economic income of producers.

Strengthen the organizational and marketing capacity of the ACACPA coffee growers association.

The communities of San Vicente de la Tranquilla and Quebrada Ancha have increased their knowledge and awareness about the protection and proper use of water resources by adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Proposal for brand development and certification.

Farm audit, inspection and monitoring of good agricultural practices for coffee production.

The training program is aimed at training communities to protect water resources and biodiversity in the Panama basin through awareness of environmental, social and economic wealth through the application of sustainable practices.