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Strategic meeting between the GEF, RedLAC and CAFÉ to promote biodiversity conservation

Washington DC, January 25, 2024 – At a key meeting between the Global Environment Facility (GEF), the Network of Environmental Funds of Latin America and the Caribbean (RedLAC), and the African Consortium of Environmental Funds (CAFÉ), A two-day workshop was held to strengthen commitment and collaboration between environmental funds.

Promoted by the GEF, the workshop has been crucial to consolidate environmental funds as fundamental actors in decision-making for the GEF’s new lines of work. During the day, the 30-year work of environmental funds in environmental protection was presented, highlighting their essential contribution to the successful implementation of GEF initiatives. Mark Zimsky, Biodiversity Coordinator of the GEF Secretariat, shared details about the new Global Biodiversity Framework Fund.

Rosa Montañez, Executive Director of Fundación Natura, actively participated during the meeting, contributing her experience and vision in the conservation of biodiversity. Their presence highlighted the commitment of Fundación Natura in this joint effort. FUNBIO was recognized as the GEF Implementing Agency for Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting its crucial role in financial administration, traceability and accountability. The workshop seeks to explore closer collaborations between the GEF, RedLAC, CAFÉ and their member environmental funds to advance the conservation and preservation of the environment and natural resources globally.

“The objective of the workshop is to create a roadmap that allows establishing a more powerful synergy between the GEF and the Environmental Funds, relevant in the financing of the conservation and restoration of biodiversity in our countries,” said Jorge Oviedo, Executive Director of FIAES and President of RedLAC. This meeting reinforces the joint commitment to build sustainability in the region and align efforts to address environmental challenges.