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The Third Coffee Harvest Begins in Panama Oeste with a Great Event in Ciricito Arriba, Capira: The Natura Foundation Highlights its Sustainable Contribution Over the Years

In an emotional ceremony held in the picturesque community of Ciricito Arriba, Capira, the Third Coffee Harvest began in the Western Panama region. More than 300 enthusiastic attendees, including farmers, coffee lovers and community leaders, gathered to mark the beginning of the harvest season, which promises to be a significant milestone for the local coffee industry.

The activity had the participation of 20 exhibitors, highlighting the diversity and quality of coffee beans grown in the area. Visitors had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of coffee, from the most intense and aromatic to the softest and fruitiest. In addition, informative talks were held on sustainable growing practices and processing techniques that seek to boost the quality of coffee produced in the region.

Ciricito Arriba, known for its fertile lands and ideal climatic conditions, has emerged as an epicenter for high-quality coffee production in Western Panama. In the last year, the region has harvested more than 15,000 quintals of coffee, consolidating itself as an important supplier for the national market.

What makes this day even more notable is the continuous contribution of the Natura Foundation to projects in this coffee-growing area over the years. The foundation has been a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development of the region, providing financial and technical support to local farmers.

During the opening ceremony, representatives of the Natura Foundation expressed their continued support for local farmers and their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. They highlighted the importance of preserving biodiversity and promoting ecosystem conservation to guarantee the long-term quality of coffee crops.

“The Third Coffee Harvest not only represents an opportunity to celebrate the dedication of our farmers, but also to highlight the importance of preserving our natural environment,” commented Alvin Alzamora, project manager at Fundación Natura. “We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote the sustainable development and prosperity of local communities.”

The celebration concluded with optimism and enthusiasm, marking the beginning of a harvest season that promises not only excellent coffee for consumers, but also an economic boost for farmers in Western Panama. The Natura Foundation continues to be a driving force in balancing economic development and environmental preservation in this prosperous coffee-growing region.