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Earth is calling you, ANSWER!

The program “La Tierra te llama CONTESTA” (Earth is calling you, ANSWER!), is an initiative to recycle electronic equipment, this initiative comes from Telefónica Movistar

This program has two objectives:

  • Properly dispose of electronic waste
  • Reforest areas that has an important environmental value

This program receives electronic equipment of all the operators and they can be deposited in the mailboxes located in the Movistar stores located in all the country.

The company Renuevo Panama, specialized in technology equipment recycling separate, collect and distribute the technology equipment and disposes it in a safe and friendly way with the environment. The aim is to prevent these equipment from being wasted in wrong places, and thus avoid the contamination of land and water sources.

The recycling process

  • Separation of components in main raw materials: metals, plastic, electronic cards and accessories
  • Shipment of recyclable and non-recyclable material to refineries in Europe and Asia, accredited by the WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) agreement, for the adequate disposal of electronic waste.
  • The recycled materials are again used as raw material in the production of electronic cards. Non-recyclable materials are passed to a neutral or non-polluting state.

Since 2009 Telefónica Movistar and Fundación Natura have had impacted many communities, especially those present in the Santa María Watershed in Veraguas, who, today, take care of the watershed and other rivers and the beneficiaries also participate in the reforestation of the area.


electronic devices recycled


beneficiary families


hectares reforested


planted trees